On the fourth day of Gerber Week this writer brings to you, a pretty good utility/camp knife. Did anybody sing that with me? No? I guess it’s still too early for Christmas songs, but not too early to think about getting this for someone as a stocking stuffer.

That’s right, I’m endorsing a Gerber product. While this review is not exactly glowing with excitement, I was personally expecting a low-quality, overpriced blade that was simply tagged with the Gerber logo. What I got was a fairly sturdy utility knife that will perform a wide variety of tasks around the campsite.

You might notice I have been using the word utility quite a bit. With the size, design, and sheath, it is a jack-of-all-trades kind of knife. It’s one that you carry on your belt in case you need it on the trail, but when you set up camp and begin processing wood you grab your ax or a larger blade for batoning. I wouldn’t use it for daily carry because of the sheath, which I’ll go into detail soon. It wouldn’t be great for kitchen tasks because of the grind, although I’d use it for the camp kitchen. This knife is in that weird middle-ground where it can do these tasks, but there are better options out there.


This knife is the premium version of their Gator. The blade is 4 inches long in a drop point configuration. It uses S30V steel, as opposed to 420HC and has a full tang handle. It has a textured rubber grip that is functional and visually appealing. The blade and exposed areas of the tang are polished, which for the role this knife plays is not a hindrance.

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(Featured image courtesy of thetruthaboutknives.com)