I’m a 15 year LEO. I rotate a few different knives on patrol. Not too long ago I was carrying my Benchmade Contego like I’ve done many times. On this particular night, I used it differently than cutting someone out of a seatbelt or the like. We were in a car chase around 1:00am and the guy flipped his 95 Mustang Cobra off the roadway and into a swamp. The vehicle came to rest right-side-up and he jumps out into the swamp and then begins yelling for help while trying to still get away. We couldn’t hear him well because while the Mustang had quit running, the horn was in a constant honk state.

A fireman and myself bent the hood back to expose the battery and I took my Benchmade Contego out and literally with one hard cut, it sliced right through the positive cable. However, it came in contact with a metal bracket on the engine block, got a huge arc, and blew the tip right off my Contego.

My Knife Story | Benchmade Contego

I Contacted Benchmade and after hearing my story they said they’d either fix it for free or replace the whole knife for free. Excellent! Much props to Benchmade! But as much as I love this knife, after careful consideration I think I’m leaving it like it is and putting it in my display case. Kinda has sentimental value now. What do you guys think?

Story courtesy of  Brad Hulsey