Up to now the measurement of the Rate Of Fire has been complicated and inconvenient with special hardware required – expensive and with varying accuracy. With MyRPM everything works on a smart phone. We went to the range with it and it worked very well. With MyRPM you can record and analyse a shooting sequence with a high precision algorithm to find the number of shots fired per minute (rate of fire) of your weapon system. The sequence is displayed in a neat graph and can be saved for further analysis. Benefit from modern data mining techniques to extract that little bit of extra information from your gun.

App features

  • Find the rate of fire of your automatic weapon
  • Powerful auto-detection of undesired sounds like voices, shells hitting the ground, background noise etc
  • Record your shooting sequences
  • Visualisation of shooting sequences in graphs
  • Save details of your measurements (type of weapon, caliber and used ammunition)

No additional equipment needed

Technical description

For rate of fire measurements of guns and rifles several devices based on different methods with different degrees of precision are available on the market. However, all of them require special hardware which is rather expensive and complicated to use. To allow everyone a closer look into his Rifle, we provide an efficient algorithm that can extract the rate of fire from an audio record. In combination with the internal microphone and the processing power of a smart phone this algorithm provides an easy-to-use solution to measure the rate of fire. Due to sufficient precision it is not only a gun owner’s tool to monitor the performance of a gun but can also play a key role in manufacturing and development.

Important notice

When you measure your rate of fire with our app,  an audio record of the shots will be made. This record will be analysed with advanced signal processing algorithms.

Know your Rate of Fire – MyRPM App

To get the best out of your record you have to follow some guidelines:

  • Try to avoid background noise (wind, other gunshots etc.) as much as possible
  • Keep your voice level as low as possible
  • Place your device at least 1 m away from the muzzle (distance can be different with other devices)
  • Stop recording as soon as you are done or set an automatic record time

Article by SPARTANAT: http://spartanat.com