I’m a big fan of turning pistols into rifles and then back again. I have a few reasons why but that will be covered in an entirely different article. KPOS introduced their newest kit at SHOT Show 2018, and I knew I had to check one out. I was a big fan of the KPOS G2 in its many configurations so the Scout would undoubtedly be on my list. The KPOS Scout is a more affordable option than the G2 and provides some features I find to be improvements over the G2. You can find more information here on the differences between the KPOS Scout and G2 models. Today we are doing a full KPOS Scout review.

But, but, but the NFA!

Before we dive into this article, let’s talk about the NFA before someone blows a gasket in the comments section. Tossing a Glock into a stocked KPOS Scout is an NFA violation if you have not achieved a tax stamp. However, as you see, I have a 16-inch IGB barrel from ZFI-Inc.com in my gun. This barrel has worked out excellent for me in the past, and I keep it handy for these rifle type conversions. At this point, I should SBR my Glock, but until then this is a reliable and accurate system that works.

The Specs

Length (Stock Folded) 12.83 inches
Length (Stock Extended) 21.3 inches
Weight – 23.39 Ounces
Height – 6.69 inches
Width – 2.36 inches

The KPOS Scout is a very modern design that keeps weight low by utilizing a lot of advanced polymers. The upper portion of the receiver is aluminum, and this is to accommodate ported Glocks. Speaking of Glocks, this model will accept any full size or compact 9mms, 357 SIGs, and 40 S&W models gens 3 through 5.

The Scout has a healthy dose of Picatinny rails for flashlights, optics, etc. I tossed on my Meopta Meosight for testing over irons. The KPOS Scout is made for a mini red dot like this. They function very well together. The KPOS also has a QD port at the rear of the gun for adding a sling. The folding stock is very easy to fold and deploy, and the weapon can be fired with the stock folded.


The KPOS Scout was designed for use with a standard Glock without a 16-inch barrel. When it comes to installing the kit you have to separate the slide from the frame and install it first. Then follow up by attaching the slide to the frame. Then you slide the rear portion forward, and your gun is installed and ready to go.

On the Range

With everything installed, and a few ETS 31 round magazines I was ready to hit the range. The KPOS Scout features an excellent charging handle. It’s just like a AR 15 charging handle, but a bit bigger than average. The extra size makes it much easier to work the gun and get it ready for action.

Because I’m using my Glock I have all the upgrades I’ve put in my Glock, this includes my Suarez international trigger and firing pin. I get to keep that excellent trigger pull with the KPOS Scout. I also get Glock brand Glock reliability. The KPOS Scout has a very generous ejection port. This large port means there is no chance of a round getting caught between the slide and the KPOS frame.

Speaking or reliability every time I pulled the trigger the gun went bang. The only ammo I had trouble with was my dirt cheap American Steel from Freedom Munitions. However, I’ve had issues with this ammo before. There is a reason it’s taken me two years to get through 500 rounds of it.

The most common problem was failures to eject with the American Steel. I had zero issues with Tula, Winchester Steel, Winchester White box, SIG Elite FMJs, or Speer JHPs. The few failures to eject I had let me work the charging handle, which turned out to be great for fixing failures.

The gun comes with a forward vertical grip that doubles as a trigger block. It makes sense to cover the trigger since the Glock lacks a manual safety and doesn’t fit in a holster when its a rifle or SBR. It’s quickly defeated and turned into a useful VFG.

Recoil and Accuracy

Recoil is hardly a thing. I’d say its even lighter than my CZ Scorpion’s blowback action. The stock is very thin and small, but it still works well. It provides a decent enough cheek rest to use the optic.

With the IGB barrel, it’s effortless to hit targets at beyond handgun distances. Up to 100 yards, I could ring steel shot for shot with a zeroed optic. I hate measuring groups because individual shooting skill but found 2 MOA to be pretty standard.

The KPOS Scout

The KPOS Scout is a light and handy way to turn a standard Glock pistol into a compact rifle. While this won’t be for everyone its certainly something that’s peaked my interest. Who doesn’t love a futuristic space gun that looks slick and functions like a Glock?

ZFI Inc provided this KPOS Scout for review. ZFI-INC.com is offering 10% off to registered users so it brings the price of the Scout down to $269.95. ZFI is also looking for dealers for the KPOS Scout.