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I first tested the Fab Defense KPOS G1 in 2009. The KPOS comes in two versions, but I prefer the G1 for reasons I’ll cover later.

During my first experience with the KPOS carbine adapter for pistols, I found it capable, light, concealable and handy. However, at every turn, I argued that it couldn’t stand up to an AR-15. Because of that, I marginalized it. Admittedly, I was being an AR snob. But that was 2009. ARs were rising in popularity, and our nation was enjoying a burgeoning firearms industry.

Recently, I picked up the KPOS again because I’d gone full circle fighting the limitations of AR-15s and personal-defense weapons, including size, weight, cost, proprietary parts and specialty ammunition.

Undercover Companion

KPOS Upgrade: Turning a Glock into a Shoulder-Mounted CQB Machine
It only takes a moment to install a Glock like this G17 Gen3 in the KPOS G1 kit, and it uses the same manual of arms as the host pistol.

For me, one of the biggest reasons for owning firearms is having them nearby when needed. The best weapon for a fight is the one you have with you, so rifles are behind the eight ball in that regard. And attempting to conceal an AR-15 makes you stand out as “that guy.” The KPOS pistol-to-carbine kit, however, is so small that it conceals in the most innocuous bags.

Although the KPOS isn’t as accurate as I’d like it to be, it’s far more accurate and fast recovering than a lone pistol. The best groups I’ve shot from 25 yards are about 1.5 inches, using JHPs from Federal and Black Hills. Groups of that size aren’t anything to get excited about, but I was able to achieve those in a quarter of the time I’d normally take with a pistol. That’s because the KPOS shoots like a rifle thanks to its multiple points of contact with the shooter.

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