The Kinetic Research Group Bolt Lift gives your bolt an enlarged knob for a better grip.  This sounds simple, but it makes your Remington 700 work better and faster which is no small thing. This is the best thing you can do for your gun under $30  KRG also has a line of premium chassis for the Remington 700.

Back in the olden days, shooters used to have a machinist cut the handle of their bolt knob off and thread it to install an oversize tactical bolt knob.  KRG makes it easy to do yourself.  I prefer the feel of the textured polymer over the steel bolt knobs and they are lighter.

I bought a used Remington 700 which came with a KRG Bolt Lift installed.  I had seen them, but I never shot with one.  I really liked it, but it was big and black.  I wanted a green gun with green parts.

I got on the KRG web site and found out they make the SV (small version) which was just right for me.  Comes in three colors: OD Green, Flat Dark Earth and the ever popular Black.  I had Tridentis Tactical Ceracote my gun Magpul OD Green to match my Magpul Hunter stock.  I ordered the SV green.

When open the tin box, you see a very simple instruction sheet, two halves of the bolt lift, four rubber O-rings and a hex head screw.  You get four O-rings, two big ones and two small ones. In some combination, the the O-rings exactly fill the space and give you a tight fit with no wiggle.  I hate wiggle on gun controls.

There are two steel posts in the front for stability.  Once you pick the correct O-rings, drop them in and line up the steel posts with their respective holes and tighten one screw. You can use epoxy if you want a more permanent solution, but I found that unnecessary.

The KRG Bolt lift is easy to install and locks up tight. It goes together in three minutes and  you don’t have to permanently modify your rifle. A quick trip to the range made sure everything worked well.  I am very pleased with the KSG Bolt Lift.

KRG is a veteran owned company selling products made in the USA by hard working Americans. They offer military and LE discounts (email to [email protected] for further information).

Get your Bolt Lift and Bolt Lift SV HERE  Price: $28.50

About KRG

KRG was established by a group of then active duty Army Special Forces soldiers with multiple OIF/OEF deployments and  extensive small arms training, Not satisfied with the small arms or accoutrements available. They saw the need for evolutionary enhancements as well as completely new products. Their passion led them to a deep understanding of the strong and weak points in the fielded equipment.

Everyone at KRG continues to shoot for fun and competition on the civilian side. They continue to develop new products and improve existing designs. KRG also has a line of premium chassis for the Remington 700.

Featured photo by author, Photo courtesy of KRG.