L-Tech Ammunition and Shell Shock Technologies have recently produced perhaps the best ammunition you’ve never heard of.  Accurate, consistent and reliable is about all one can ask for in the ammunition world and yet it is sometimes so hard to find.  This particular load combines a solid-copper 124gr projectile with the latest two-piece shell design from Shell Shock Technologies.

No stranger of recent headlines Shell Shock shocked the industry with a two-piece case that does not use brass.  Boasting to be 50% lighter than brass and twice as strong, the design uses a nickel-alloy steel wall and nickel plated solid aluminum base.  Glock fans can celebrate the claim that it will not balloon in unsupported chambers while the rest of us can appreciate that it ejects cool to the touch and is strong enough to handle +P and +P+ loads.  The steel also makes the casing magc for easy range clean up.

Skeptical as ever I took a box out to the range.  Chronograph, 7-yard group (free hand), and ballistics gel were all included.

Please pardon the errors in reading the chronograph screen.  It was an odd rain-less day in Oregon. The five-shot string produced 1,048, 1,031, 1,033, 1,048, and 1,032fps.  That’s an extreme spread of just 17fps or 1.6% of the mean of 1,038.4fps.  Consistent is an understatement.  In the gel the projectile expanded to .58″ and stopped about 14″ in.  Personally I prefer my round under-penetrate a little rather than over-penetrate.  I can’t afford a lawsuit from the neighbor or a bystander should I have to shoot in self defense.  The weight savings meant that a 15-round load will feel about like a 12-round load.  Maybe not a huge savings, but it adds up in high-capacity magazines such as my household MP-5.