Picking out the holster that suits your needs best is half the battle. The other half is learning just how to wear the thing without looking like you’re doing your best duck waddle impression. Finding the right spot on your leg to situate your holster depends on the hem length of your skirt or dress, and the length of your pistol. Practically, we want to be sure the pistol and holster stay concealed. After all, a holster protruding below the hem of one’s skirt kind of loses its subtlety (Warning: a holster that hides while standing may not hide once sitting). However, there are some comfort issues if the gun is positioned too high up on the thigh. It can only sit so high before the grip of the gun becomes, well, …awkward.

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Angelina Jolie strong side carrying with that suave Hollywood appeal in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Image courtesy 20th Century Fox Film Corp./ Everett Collection

Another placement factor to consider is whether you want it cross draw (firearm on the inner thigh, weak side leg) or strong side (firearm on the outer thigh, dominant side leg). Cross draw requires a little more care when drawing (don’t want to sweep your feet while removing the firearm from its holster), but it’s more easily concealed than strong side.

When carrying cross draw, the way your legs rub together while walking can become a concern. While wearing a thigh holster, the gun will bump up against the thigh opposite the holster. Without a comfortable enough holster, the wearer can even chafe from this movement. This issue is what causes some unprepared thigh holster wearers to adopt a humorously waddling gait (to keep the holster from rubbing uncomfortably on the inside of the opposite thigh). Tweaking the position of the holster to the narrower part of the thigh can improve this. Narrower pistols are also less of a discomfort than wider ones. You may also wish to affix a more comfortable material to the outside of the holster so that thigh-to-holster contact is less of an irritation.

Taking the time to shop around for the holster that best suits your needs, and taking some time to find the best position for your holster can be tricky. But for skirts and dresses, there are few better CCW solutions. It may be trickier than it looks on the silver screen, but a great thigh holster is the ultimate ladies’ concealed carry accessory: feminine but deadly.

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