“I would like to see every woman know how to handle guns as naturally as they know how to handle babies.” Annie Oakley.  If you’ve been reading Loadoutroom articles for long, you’ve likely spotted more than a couple V Seven rifle and parts reviews and references.  Owner Joel Allen has been working hard to push the bounds of exotic metal used in the AR-15 platform, and it’s hard not to be impressed by the quality of these products.  We’re talking magnesium and lithium-aluminum alloys, as well as titanium being precision-machined for use in even the smallest of parts.  A couple of years ago, a new idea was born.  To build rifles designed for, and with the input of, female shooters.  Thus Ladies V Seven (or LV Seven) was created as a special division project of V Seven Weapon Systems.

Ladies V Seven Nightengale | Quick Look

LV Seven clearly involved more than just tossing on a pink buttstock or a cutesy bunny custom paint job.  The ladies in the shop had significant influence and design input into the final products.  Straight from Lvsevenweapons.com:

 From the beginning, our focus has been to create a product for female shooting enthusiasts.  No matter your age or skill level, our goal is to build a firearm that fits you.  The overall feel, the carry weight, and handling of our rifles is different than what is currently available in the AR industry.  Each L V Seven piece is designed to be aesthetically pleasing, ergonomically sized and comfortable for women.

LV Seven has sent out a rifle to be reviewed, but I’ll not be the primary shooter responsible for the testing.  My wife (a capable shooter) will be handling the heavy lifting there, but for the moment I’d like to offer up my initial impressions of the LV Seven Nightingale.

LV Seven rifles are currently offered in four types, the Hummingbird (5.56), Swan (5.56), Nightingale (.300 Blackout) and Quail (.224 Valkyrie).

Ladies V Seven


Rex Nanorum


Cover photo of ladies from Lvsevenweapons.com used with permission