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We’ve press checked a shit ton of things, and honestly it’s nice to know you’re in the right hole. After all, a slip up could cost a happy ending. Wait — we mean guns, not shooting loads. Eh, whatever… read on to hear some thoughts on press checks (which are often a source of contention). We can continue the other conversation in the comments. What have you press checked lately? – Mad Duo

Term: Press Check

Also Known As: Chamber Check or Status Check

Application(s) of Use: Any application where you want to verify there is a round in the chamber of your firearm.

Definition: Taking the firearm out of battery in order to see if it is loaded, while preventing the possibly chambered round from being ejected. The main reason for doing this is to see if the gun is loaded, whereas, if you wanted to ensure it’s clear- you’d rack the slide a few times. In most cases, the press checker is checking to see their weapon is loaded before holstering, re-holstering or beginning a course of fire.

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