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Language Lessons: Printing

Term: Printing

Application(s) of Use: Concealed Carry, CCW, EDC

Related to: Effective Concealment (i.e., avoiding the risk of Brandishing, Improper Exhibition of a Firearm, Unlawful Display, and unnecessary escalation of encounters with others)

Definition: When the outline of your concealed carry weapon is visible through clothing or a cover garment.

Into the Weeds: For most people, concealed carry is intended to be just that: concealed. But, there are times when printing occurs. The actual amount of printing may not be visible to a random passerby, but to you it may feel so blatantly obvious you become overly concerned. This can create more attention by causing you to frequently readjust your weapon or just act awkward while feeling like everyone can see your gun.

The fear of printing isn’t so much about printing, but more so how it may be misconstrued as brandishing, or any of the many terms that boil down to the effect of threatening. For new CCW permit holders, they don’t want to lose the right they worked to get. So, things can get a little confusing or even downright intimidating if they can’t figure out how to successfully conceal the gun. This situation is prevalent among women with small builds and not a lot of real estate to hide a gun. Get into the summer months, when layers come off, and concealed carry options get even more limited.

So, how much does it really matter?

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