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Language Lessons: Splits
Tamara Keel

TERM: Split

ALSO KNOWN AS: Shot-to-shot time, Split Times

APPLICATION OF USE: Referring to the rate of fire in a string of shots.

DEFINITION: The term “split” describes the interval between one shot and the next in a string of fire. It’s most often encountered when discussing handgun shooting, and in that context, lower splits are generally held to be better because getting more hits in less time is rarely a bad thing.

Language Lessons: Splits

Sometimes the term “blind splits” is used to distinguish someone pulling the trigger as fast as they can make the gun function while still keeping all the bullet holes in a large, vague area like, say, an FBI Q-target or the berm. (Incidentally, blindly spraying the berm is one technique to get a feel for how fast one can actually function the handgun.)

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