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Language Lessons: Suppressor Shift

Term: Suppressor Shift

Relates to: Rifle and pistol shooting with suppressors

Language Lessons: Suppressor Shift

Application(s) of Use: Any type of shooting where a suppressor is mounted, though mostly focused on rifle suppressors.

Definition: The shift in POI (Point Of Impact) that occurs after a suppressor is mounted or sometimes seemingly random shifts that occur shot-to-shot when a suppressor is mounted.

Why it Matters: Unless you’re just out to make a lot of [suppressed] noise, you want to hit where you’re aiming.

Into the Weeds: Shift in POI when a suppressor is mounted can happen for a variety of reasons. The length and profile of your barrel combined with the additional weight of the silencer itself can play a large part; a heavy suppressor on a thin profiled barrel can cause a large POI shift. Exactly how concentric the threads are on a barrel can also have an effect on POI. It’s possible to have threads imperfect enough to cause significant shift but not out of whack enough to make endcap strikes an issue. If the additional weight is the primary factor in your POI shift, you’ll have different amounts of shift with different silencers. If the shift is due to the threads cut on your barrel, the direction of your shift will likely be consistent regardless of what silencer is mounted.

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