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Language Lessons Twofer: Accuracy & Precision

Today we’re taking a slight deviation from our normal format of Language Lessons and covering two different words. They’re so closely related that it’s very difficult to talk about one without bringing up the other–which is one of the reasons they’re so often confused and used interchangeably instead of independently. A thesaurus will even list them as synonyms. But in the context of firearms (and science) synonyms they are not, as you will soon see.

Term: Accuracy
: Precision

Application(s) of Use: Shooting of all kinds, and any projectile weapon

Definition (Accuracy): The closeness of a measured value to a standard or known value. IE: How close a shot is to the desired point of impact.
Definition (Precision): The closeness of two or more measurements to each other. The closer together each measurement is, the more precise the instrument is. IE: How close individual shots are to one another, regardless of point of impact.

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