The Lansky Sharpening paddle is the balisong of knife sharpeners. If you read my first look you’d know it hides itself well in its own grip. This makes it a compact package that still offers a handle, and it protects the actual stone from damage. It’s a neat design with some real redeeming value. For the on the go guy or gal this stone is perfect for tucking in an admin pouch, a pocket, or even in a pistol mag pouch.

How Does the Lansky Sharpening Paddle Work?

I’ll admit it took me a minute (or ten) to really get my groove with the Lansky Sharpening Paddle. I’m not used to a sharpening stone with a handle so things were a little different. To use it you open it, hold it in one and rest the far edge on a stable platform.

Lansky Sharpening Paddle - Final Review

From there you draw the knife from base to tip across the stone at your knife’s proper sharpening angle. Do it four or five times on one side and then swap. Do this for as many strokes as necessary then swap to the fine side. Work the blade until it’s nice and smooth. If the knife isn’t that dull you can just work it over the fine side.

Lansky Sharpening Paddle - Final Review

The Lansky Sharpening Paddle is really easy to use on your standard pocket knife. I had some initial difficulties with using longer knives like the Gerber Strongarm. I just couldn’t get a fast and smooth draw across the blade. This could be due to the fact I got a good rhythm with two small knives and then immediately started with a larger knife.

Field or Shed

According to Lansky this paddle is also optimized for wood working tools. I’d love to learn woodworking, but until then I have zero tools to test this one out. Also, the handle and short length of this system make it difficult to sharpen something like a hatchet or tomahawk. A sharpening stone is way better for that.

Lansky Sharpening Paddle - Final Review

Overall it is a well-made tool, simplistic, and effective. In your in the market for a sharpener to toss on your gear then the Lansky Sharpening Paddle is an excellent addition.

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