The Lansky Lawn & Garden Tool Sharpener is marketed towards tools such as a shovels, axes, hatchets, machetes and lawn mower blades. I originally got this sharpener with the intention of using it for my machete, but have found myself using it for most of my knives more so than my machete or lawn tools.

The main reason I have been using this as my primary sharpening tool recently is due to the length of the stone (9.25″). This allows me to get a solid grip on the stone and still have over half of the stones surface to use in sharpening my knives. That translates into a safer way of sharpening your knives.

The streamlined design of the Lansky Tool Sharpener allow for easy transportation in your pack or bag. Although this is on the longer side of sharpening stones, it is easily packed away in a day pack or go bag.

Lansky makes several different knife sharpening systems based on your personal needs. We at the Loadout Room have tested and used several of their knife sharpeners with great results. Head on over to their website to see their many products available for purchase.