If you are an instructor or serious shooter you absolutely need a laser training pistol.  There are varieties out there and they are a fantastic tool to help beginners and exponentially increase the value of dry firing for the experienced shooter.  Laser Ammo graciously sent me their Advanced Training Laser Pistol (ATLP).  I was lucky enough to get the Pro model with red laser.

The ATLP is a well manufactured, solid training aid.  Short of throwing it around carelessly (something one wouldn’t do with a real gun) it will provide you thousands of free laser ammo shots.  The pistol comes in a foam padded plastic box with a spare battery, allen wrench to adjust the sight and instructions.  It’s made of a tough polymer molded in blaze orange, a great feature for a training aid.

The ATLP looks like a Smith& Wesson full size M&P and works in a variety of holsters designed for full size M&P’s or even their smaller versions as long as the holster has an open channel to accept the full length slide.  Having a different choice than a Glock or a generic pistol that might not work in any holsters is a nice feature especially if you want to work on drawing from a holster.

Laser Ammo ATLP Pro Complete. Photo by Will Rodriguez

When you squeeze the trigger, the pistol fires a laser beam pulse and makes a gunshot sound.  The laser beam is easily adjusted for pinpoint accuracy.  The gunshot sound seems kind of loud and annoying to me.  I wanted to turn it off as I like to use a laser pistol to shoot fleeting targets on the TV on war type movies and “The Walking Dead”.  I know, that kind of violates safety rules since you shouldn’t point a gun at anything you aren’t willing to destroy.  Since the ATLP isn’t really a gun I’ve made some allowances.  I’m prepared to accept responsibility if my ATLP ever shoots a real round or if I’m stupid enough to confuse it with a real gun.  I wouldn’t be comfortable dry firing a real gun at a TV unless it was on a range and the target.


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Images courtesy of Will Rodriguez