I don’t think any of us can get to the range as often as we’d like, at least I definitely don’t. There are a few other training options out there, and one that helped me was tons and tons of dry fire. Laser-Ammo has created incredible systems to get maximum benefit from dry firing. I had the pleasure of trying out the LASERPET (Personal Electronic Target) and the 9mm laser cartridge for my S&W M&P. Set up was extremely easy, after placing the batteries in both the cartridge and the target and then placing the cartridge in the chamber I was ready to go. I set up my target and looked at the information sheet that told me what each mode was.

Photo Courtesy of Laserammo.com

There are four different modes that range from tracking your shots, timing your shots, help quicken your reloads and timed double shots to help you get back on target faster. The modes are really easy to switch between. The entire system only has 3 buttons. On/off, reset to reset each stage manually (the target will reset itself after each stage) and mode, which toggles between each mode. The system also has audible tones that let you know when you hit the target and for the timed modes when the time begins and is up.


It is interactive, the numbers are easy to read and it’s completely portable. It’s a great tool for practicing and dry fire at home. It comes with a stand that allows you to place the target anywhere and at any angle. It even allows for hanging. Laser-Ammo has completely changed the game of dry firing and real-time, interactive training.

Photo Courtesy of Laserammo.com

LASERPET is not the only target system Laser-Ammo offers. There are complete sets and even computer programs to help track your progress. LASERPET allows you to practice and receive real-time feedback as if you are on the range, in the comfort of your own home. This is the best option to practice every day without burning more of a hole in your wallet.


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