Dry fire is a must if you want to keep your fundamentals in check and stay on top of your shooting game. I’ve tried several dry fire programs in the past and we have even reviewed some Dry Fire cards here on the Loadout Room. Those all have their intended purpose and generally do well at those. My struggle has always been the boredom side of things. Just going through the Dry Fire drills with a paper target in front of me has never appealed to me and I generally get bored with it rather quickly. Even for dry fire practice I’ve always wanted to know exactly where my shot would have landed. Now I can…

Laser Ammo Training Technologies makes a system called the LaserPET. In a nut shell it’s a Personal Electronic Target that provides immediate feedback with sound. If you want to step it up a notch the system has a built-in shot timer that will track how long it takes to get a single shot on target and then how many consecutive shot you can get on target in a specific time period. Pretty damn cool if you ask me.

Laser Ammo Personal Electronic Target (PET) | Quick Look
LaserPET display and shot timer

The LaserPET system comes with the Electronic Target/Timer, an adjustable tripod and several reflective targets you can insert into the PET to challenge yourself with. You will need either a SIRT pistol or some type of bore laser in order to use the LaserPET.

Laser Ammo Personal Electronic Target (PET) | Quick Look
Adjustable tripod

I opted for the SureStrike 9mm Cartridge. This is a drop in cartridge that drops right into the chamber of your pistol.

Laser Ammo Personal Electronic Target (PET) | Quick Look
SureStrike 9mm cartridge in my Glock 17

When the trigger is pulled, the firing pin will make contact with the rear of the SureStrike Cartridge causing it to emit a red laser onto the target, thus giving you instant feedback of where your shot landed.

Laser Ammo Personal Electronic Target (PET) | Quick Look
Size comparison between a 9mm round and the SureStrike cartridge

I’m going to use this a little more around my house, placing the target in different areas to work on shooting from cover or in abnormal positions. I will publish an updated article along with video on how the system works and how I implemented it into my training.