Our friends at London Bridge Trading company are hitting it hard this week. In addition to their partnership with the Medal of Honor brand, they are rocking it again with a “spot on” selection of deployment gear for SFATs.

The SFAT catalog is up on their website under downloads but you can download the catalog.

The Department of Defense announced that they will provide Security Force Assistance Teams to deploy to Afghanistan beginning 3rd quarter of fiscal year 2012 and LBT delivered relevant and current “loadout solutions” On Time, On Target.

Approximately 1,460 active component officers and senior non-commissioned officers along with approximately 300 DOD civilians will deploy in 18-person teams to provide training assistance to Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF).

“Over  the past 24 months we’ve sent senior executives to Afghanistan 17 times to meet with deployed service members in an effort to keep our equipment solutions current and relevant”– Loren Simpson, Chief Operating Officer at LBT


Loren showed us one LBT loadout bag that had over 400,000 air miles and was still rolling like brand new; their loadout bags are pretty bad ass and I need to get one soon!

Loren and I also talked about how critical it was to have the ADS Middle East Sales Team supporting LBT as they traveled to Afghanistan.  ADS does some great things for the Warfighter and recently supported the troops by holding their second annual Super Bowl vendor expo at Bagram AB. Pretty sick if you ask us…

LBT believed in my vision for SOFREP & The Loadout Room when some other brands were looking at us sideways.  Loren and Alex got it and said “we’re in”.  It’s real easy to support a company that does great stuff for the Military community and more importantly makes quality gear that holds up in the harshest of conditions.

LBT “Gets it” when nobody else is even close.

Brandon Out.