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Interested in learning about the scout rifle? There’s a new book out now that’ll definitely scratch that itch. It’s called “The Scout Rifle Study,” and it’s written by renowned gun/outdoor writer Richard Mann.

“The Scout Rifle Study” offers a comprehensive look at the history of the scout rifle and its place in the new millennium. The scout rifle is a general-purpose gun originally conceived, developed and promoted by the legendary Jeff Cooper back in the early 80s. Up until a few years ago, it had a fervent, cult-like following. Now, just as Cooper predicted, it’s starting to become the rifle of the 21st century.

“People are finally beginning to realize Cooper was mostly right; the simplest one-rifle solution for the world is a Scout Rifle,” Mann says.

The book is being offered in a free access, webpage format, which allows for a host of features not supported in the print and e-book format. Interested readers can register at thescoutrifle.com to receive email notifications when new chapters or content have been added. Once on the site – scoutriflestudy.com – they’ll be able read, watch videos, and interact in an active discussion forum with other scout rifle aficionados from around the world. The site will also soon include a market place resource for aficionados of this gun.

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