The absolute most important piece of gear you can spend your money on for concealed carry is the belt. There are so many belt companies on the market today claiming to make the end all be all belt. I’ve been through my share of riggers belts, cobra belts, edc belts and a few leather belts. We recently had a reader send us a message with some questions wrapped around concealed carry and ‘weapon printing’. My first question to him was what type of belt are you wearing? The reader responded with a ‘normal leather belt’. Even though a standard belt may seem like it is enough, it’s not.

For those not into the tactical velcro ninja belts, there are still some options out there for you. I learned about Daltech Force from Kyle Defoors’ blog ( I looked them up online, found a belt I thought I would like and submitted my order. I personally went with the Black Smooth Bull Hide Leather Gun Belt, which has a very affordable MSRP of $64.99.  The belts are made to order based on your size. After submitting my order it only took them about a week to build the belt and ship. These belts are manufactured from a single piece of leather, not multiple layers glued together. This increases the durability of the belt and extends the life of it as well.

Leather Gun Belt | Daltech Force Bullbelt
Made with Heavy Duty Hardware
Inside of belt. the buckle is removable and replaceable via 2 heavy duty screws
Inside of belt. the buckle is removable and replaceable via 2 heavy duty screws

What you get in the mail is a quality ‘Made in the USA’ leather belt. These leather belts are more rigid than your standard leather belt, but not so much that it is uncomfortable to wear. The belt breaks in quickly and is able to support my Glock 17 comfortably. This can be considered a low-vis belt as it does not scream tactical at all. To those around you it’s just a regular leather belt you purchased at the local clothing store.

100% FULL GRAIN LEATHER – WITH AN INTERNAL STEEL CORE – NO FILLERS – These CCW belts will never split like cheaper versions of this belt. Made From 100% Full-Grain leather, this gun belt can take anything you throw at it and continue to look great even with age. Full Grain leather is the top layer of the hide, which is the toughest part, making this concealed carry belt relatively indestructible!
15-16 OZ LEATHER – 1.5″ WIDE – Perfect belt thickness and width to fit all holster slots! Vegetable Tanned Bull Hide Leather. No Sag, No Rollover, No Stretching we guarantee it! Add everything you might need for everyday carry. These belts are built to last for a lifetime. Removable buckle is fastened with removable Chicago screws instead of snaps so the buckle can easily be changed, the last thing you have to worry about with this belt is a snap not holding up, because there are none!
LIFETIME WARRANTY – We believe in creating good quality products that’s why we back up all of our belts with a Lifetime Guarantee to repair or replace.
EASY SIZING – Our sizing is simple! All you have to do is add 2″ to your pants size. Because our belts are made with 9 holes at 3/4″ there is plenty of room for critical holster adjustment so that one belt works for IWB or OWB. If you have any questions refer to our sizing chart graphic or contact us!
THICK & DURABLE GUN BELT – MADE IN THE USA FROM USA LEATHER! 100% America – 100% Top Quality – Guaranteed to Last! 100% USA manufactured by us in our USA leather shop. When you need a tough belt for CCW everyday wear, that won’t break the bank, the Daltech Force Stitched Ultimate Thickness Gun Belt is the one for you. Our solid leather belts anchor your holster improving your ability to access your firearm.



Visit Daltech Force today to order your Leather Gun Belt. They also offer other belts styles and belt accessories, so you’re sure to find something you’ll like.