Where do you live? How safe is your home? What makes your home more appealing than others? How much is the stuff worth in your home? What are you willing to do to protect it? Do you know how to protect it? Can you protect it? Are you willing to take a life to save it?

Which is more important, the house and the stuff in it or your “family/friends that live in it?

Take a minute to answer these questions and open your mind to the “What if’s”. A few years ago I came home from training and my family picked me up from the airport. It was a nice ride home, with plenty of laughter, questions of how training was, school stuff and a bunch of kisses and I love you’s. But I remembered when we first moved in this apartment and its location in particular. I asked the manager, have there been any recent break-ins at this complex?

The reason being is that it was in the back, on the corner and had very low light. It was in front of the swimming pool but hid from the street. Even though the apartment grounds were nice and in an upper middle class neighborhood, my spidey senses just wouldn’t let it go. But because of time restraints it was my best option. I asked the manager several times to fix the broken street light and she said that she would, but of course it wasn’t fixed. When we arrived home I just had that feeling, so I told my family to stay in the car a minute. And as sure as a bird eats worms, I saw the light shining through the crack of the door. My vindictive heart hoped and prayed that someone was still in there. So I unholstered my weapon and searched my house and found what I have never experienced before was a trashed, torn apart house.

After it was all over I thought, what if we were at home? What if this happened while the family was home while I was gone? So after moving to another apartment complex, I put together a plan; I started making my home a defensive home. I took my wife to the range to see which weapon platform this country gal would be comfortable shooting. Then I began customizing the doors and windows. I added an alarm and put wooden sticks to keep the windows from rising and put an additional lock on the doors. I figure if they’re going to break in while I’m here, they will earn what’s going to happen next. I also installed an alarm with sensors on the rear exterior gate and motion lights on the patio.

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