When I say Leupold you likely instantly think of rifle scopes, likely magnified scopes. Leupold makes more than that though. They have a series of red dots, miniature red dots, monoculars, and binoculars. Their binoculars are what we are talking about today. Specifically the BK-1 McKenzie 10x42mm binos.

Leupold's BK-1 Mckenzie binos: A lightweight option

BK-1 McKenzie Specs:

Magnification – 10x
Objective Lenses – 42mm
Prism – Bak 4
Weight – 22 Ounces
Eye Relief – .53 inches

The first thing that came to mind when I picked up the BK-1 McKenzie binoculars was how lightweight they are. A benefit to the fixed power magnification. 22 ounces is really nothing, that’s like a loaded AR magazine. Weight isn’t just a concern for humping and hiking through nature. It becomes a major concern when you have to hold these things up for longer periods of time.

Leupold's BK-1 Mckenzie binos: A lightweight option

Speaking of hiking and humping you do get a nice MOLLE compatible pouch and a comfortable and wide neck strap. The pouch and binos are perfect on the pack, the vest, or the belt. It uses a latch system that’s noiseless unlike hook and loop. The pouch is secure and the binos are easy to silently draw and use.

Through the looking Glass

Nothing we’ve said so far matters if the glass doesn’t deliver a clear and vivid picture. The BK-1 McKenzie doesn’t let us down here. The large 42mm objective lens lets lots of light in for a nice and bright picture. This makes them easy to use in low light situations. They’re perfect for hunting since most hunting is done during the early morning, and as the sun sets.

Leupold's BK-1 Mckenzie binos: A lightweight option

When scouting and observing you get a vivid picture of the environment in front of you. It’s easy to see the small details on distant targets. This is great for hunting in the fall and watching brown deer move against a mostly brown landscape can be tricky with a crap pair of binos.

You also get a wide field of view, and the 10 power magnification isn’t too crazy. It really allows you to track moving objects. I was able to easily follow squirrels as they leapt from tree to tree, and birds as they zoomed among the branches.

The Bak-4 Prism ensures the clear view extends from edge to edge. The prism is phase coated, and the lenses are fully multicoated. Both of these processes help encourage a clearer picture, and Leupold was wise to include them.

What’s on the Outside?

The Leupold BK-1 McKenzie binoculars are coated with a rubberized armor. This material is nice and grippy and the rubber coating is great for extreme environments. Hot and cold has less effect on rubber than metal. They are easier to grip with gloves or wet hands. Speaking of wet these bad boys are fully waterproof and fog proof.

The controls are very simple and intuitive, you certainly don’t need an instruction manual to figure it out. A Crayon eater like me figured it out in about two minutes.

Clarity and construction are top-notch. Did we really expect anything else from Leupold? The Bk-1 McKenzie binos are not your granddad’s bird watchers. These are field glasses. They can be dropped, they can be rained on, and they can be put away wet. These binos are a quality piece of gear for outdoorsmen, hunters, and even for tactical use. I have no issues recommending the BK-1 McKenzie binos to anyone who needs a light and capable pair of binos.

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Originally published on the Crate Club Knowledgebase