The company at this years Summer Outdoor Retailer with the most variety for the outdoorsman was Liberty Mountain. Liberty Mountain is one of the largest wholesale distributors of outdoor products in the US.

With climbing ropes, all varieties of camping gear, rock/ice climbing hardware, and outerwear, checking out there booth is like walking into a wonderland for the absolute gearhead. Fortunately, no one is allowed to buy any products while at the show, because I would be flat broke with all the amazing gear on view.

Two standout items this year from Liberty Mountain were Olicamp’s insanely tiny ultralight stove and a probably the safest carabiner on the market. For more information on these two products you can check out the videos below. We had the pleasure to hear about the Grivel’s captive eye technology from ultra-badass Stevie Haston. Stevie’s crushed some of the world’s hardest climbs and continues to do so well into his 50s.

Grivel’s new K10G carabiner provides the best of both worlds when it comes to safety. Twin gate and captive eye in one. These features eliminate the need for a screwgate and keep the carabiner loaded on its major axis. Bottom line, this thing is about as safe and idiot proof as they come.