The Life Capsule Omega is a highly specialized personal carry device designed for survival and lifestyle EDC, hence the “capsule of life”.

From the makers of the FAST Pack Backpack, I’ve equipped that and 2 of their Life Capsule Omegas as part of my vagabonding lifestyle since 2012.

They have become an essential part of my everyday carry gear for a wide array of varying uses; urban survival kit, wilderness survival kit, toiletry kit, first-aid / meds kit, rations kit, finance / data kit and more.

The compact size, attachment capabilities and bombproof construction of these capsules have made it ideal to be on my person seamlessly at all times.

Flying on a jet, partying at a club, lounging on a beach, trekking a jungle, exploring a city or diving in the ocean – the Life Capsule Omega has become a part of my life.

As per Triple Aught Design’s usual attention to detail with optimum quality in their equipment, this EDC case is a prime example of tactical craftsmanship.

The Life Capsule Omega is flawlessly machined entirely from a solid piece of T6061 (aircraft grade) aluminum with dual opening caps of the same material. All hard anodized into matte black, not coated.

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Photo courtesy of Vinjabond