As a vagabond and digital nomad, I don’t live with bare minimums but with bare maximums, this is how I live my life at its maximum.

Simplicity involves unburdening your life, and living more lightly with fewer distractions that interfere with a high quality life, as defined by each individual.” – LINDA BREEN PIERCE

I’m not sure if the term “bare maximum” is valid vocabulary or grammatically correct but that’s how I’d describe my approach to the minimalist lifestyle.

The physical contents of my “living” possessions are actually quite intricate, specific and ever-evolving yet they all fit as airplane carry-on baggage. After all, I literally and optimally live out of a backpack.

I strategically equip just what I need and a little of extras, but all to my exacting personal requirements and tastes. Keeping it ultralight yet exceedingly functional.

Minimalism is not just about reducing unnecessary tangible things, however. It’s just as important to declutter your life of elements that drag you down, distract you and affects you negatively; debt, bad / expensive habits, destructive relationships, etc.

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