Looking to lighten up your long gun? PROOF Research may have the barrel solution for which you’ve been searching. According to their website, PR’s goal is to reduce barrel weight, and from there, to improve barrel accuracy and durability.

Depending on the caliber and barrel length, PROOF Research’s carbon fiber wrapped barrels provide up to 64% weight reduction. Weight saving is one perk of using carbon fiber wrapped barrels, but there a couple of other advantages to consider as well. Using carbon fiber reduces the barrel harmonics, or whip, improving the barrel’s accuracy at extreme distances. The carbon fiber wrapping also improves the barrel’s durability. It’s generally rugged and durable, but also has up to four times the temperature resistance of typical all-steel barrels.

For the time being, PROOF Research CF barrels are the only models approved for military use. Using a carbon fiber-wrapped barrel, they cut down the weight of a sniper weapons system by as much as ten pounds. PROOF Research offers carbon fiber wrapped options for bolt action as well as AR style rifles. Whether you’re looking to gussy up your Remington 700 or working on a lightweight AR-15 build, you’d be dropping around $900 for a PROOF Research barrel. Is it worth it? Voice your opinions below.

Featured image courtesy of proofresearch.com

by Destinee

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