When I started on the NRA Technical Staff, AR-type rifles were just starting to show up at Camp Perry. It wasn’t easy for the AR because you had old school military armorers who were skilled at and more comfortable accurizing M14s, and really no one had much confidence in the little .223-caliber bullets of the time grouping tightly at 1,000 yards. A hell of a lot has changed since then, not the least of which are the rifling twist rates and bullets for long range shooting. Plus the incredible popularity of ARs has spawned a bounty of aftermarket parts that just drop right in making these guns more suited to nearly any task from 1,000-yard competition to kicking down doors and shooting up bad guys.

Lightening The AR Trigger Pull
Image courtesy of john1911.com

You’ll find that most rack-grade ARs have trigger pulls of between 7 and 9 pounds pull. That’s fine if your task is CQB or some other type of shooting where things are close and the target is center of mass. Stretch things out, or if you need more precise hits, and trigger pull becomes an issue. You used to have to find a gunsmith who knew what he or she was doing to lower the pull on an AR, but now it’s as simple as pushing out two pins and changing out some parts.

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