Depending on your mood gun cleaning can be therapeutic or punitive.  Celebrate maintenance and care of your machine, or reap the mess you’ve sown from a good day at the range.  Either way there are times when we want it over quickly, and we should always want it done to the best of our ability.

We’ve looked at some of the latest innovations in gun cleaning in other articles.  As time marches on so does innovation.  Germany has been known for engineering prowess and attention to detail so it’s no shock that the next evolution in bore cleaning comes from a German company.

The BoreBlitz from Niebling Gun Care offers features that other bore-cleaners do not.  The video above shows them all, but most notable to me were the rubber bearings.  Each color-coded chord has sponges and rubber bearings in them calibrated to the bore diameter.  The lead sponge is a targeted spot for applying lubrication or solvent which the bearing following it pushes against the bore.  On the tail end the bearing acts as a squeegee and and sponge as a mop to minimize what’s left behind.  The end result is a bore that is cleaned or lubricated without excessive residue that will either smoke up your first shots or dribble out in storage.  It also means protective oils are evenly distributed.

It’s all a very civilized and organized (Teutonic as well) way to care for your bore.  The BoreBlitz does not have any bristles which may be an advantage or disadvantage depending on your particular cleaning routine.  For me the BoreBlitz will not replace other products, but rather will augment my routine as well as serve in a specialty role when preparing firearms for long-term storage.

BoreBlitz is available in a wide variety of calibers and the kits come complete with solvent, handle, and a durable zipping bag for storage.