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At least once a month I have the “Why didn’t I think of that?” question when I encounter a product. One I had back in February was around a Kickstarter (that I eventually backed) for a modification to a very common item, one that most of us have: a Nalgene bottle.


The PACE Lid is basically a simple replacement cap for wide-mouthed Nalgene bottles that has a sealable chamber. It is watertight, which is important so you don’t spill your beverage. The PACE Lid functions as a replacement for the existing lid.

Lightning Review: PACE Lid

The PACE lid will contain up to ten ounces of whatever you want to put into it. Keys, snacks, bandaids, or whatever small items you may want to carry. It also has a small loop on the main body so you can dummy cord it to something.

Sorry for those of you that have narrow mouthed bottles–there is not a PACE Lid model for you.

The designer of the PACE Lid put together a short video about it (originally for the Kickstarter):

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