The Limitless Gear OPFOR MC-R magazine carrier for M4 and AR rifles is the best thing to happen to the Stoner design since the patent was bought by Colt. Don’t let their superficial resemblance to competitors’ designs fool you; the stuff inside the MC-R makes the other guys look Cro-Magnon. You can now mount mags in any orientation with positive locking while retaining instant deployability.

Once you put then on, you can easily move everything around. The MC-R Rapidly Scalable Equipment Ensemble (RSEE) is compatible with everything, even the newest generation of laser-cut systems. They go on and come off quickly, and are stackable.

After reading silly comments on Limitless Gear videos, I suggested that Patrick have a couple of bikini models shoot a new video to provide an overview of how and why the MC-R works. He went into his man cave and came up with this:

I have been using the MC-R exclusively for the past four months. As advertised, the MC-R worked perfectly with the mil-spec metal mags and new Magpuls I tried. I have been unable to find any fault in them. I don’t yet have enough of them to try a four mag double stack across my plate carrier, but I am ordering enough to do exactly that. They are simple and sturdy and perform just as they do in the video.

I did something mean. I just sent my MC-Rs with a buddy to a national-level firearms instructor course. I set up the rig with the mags deploying down.  When the instructor cadre goes to make the correction required for other brands, they will patiently explain that mags should not be mounted deploying downward and attempt to demonstrate how the mags can fall out. Heads will explode.


I got to meet Patrick McCrone and Darrell Stevens, the inventors of the MC-R, at SHOT Show. Patrick was an Air Force EOD tech and saw plenty of great gear come and go. Darrell is an Air Force vet and engineer. They worked together on the idea for a mag carrier that locked mags in place and built the first prototype from erector set parts. Later, they graduated to 3D-printed prototypes and perfected the design. This product is a model for rapid prototyping and product development in the 21st century. I expect to see more wonders from Patrick and Darrell at Limitless Gear.

OPFOR MC-R specifications:

  • Fast and secure attachment to 2×2 MOLLE/PALs surfaces with RSEE
  • Lidless positive magazine retention for AR-15/M4-compatible magazines
  • Attachment slots for stacking OPFORs
  • Confidently carry magazines in normal or inverted orientations
  • 100-percent made in the USA from U.S. materials
  • Made from high-strength polymer
  • Available in Coyote Brown (I am told Black and OD green are coming soon)
  • Weighs only 2.8 ounces

Get your Limitless Gear OPFOR MC-R here, at the everyday price of $34.95. They also have discounted three and six packs. The best part? Patrick McCrone has offered an exclusive discount for our readers. Use discount code “Loadout” at for 10 percent off all orders.

Made in the USA, these carriers are tough and have a highly innovative design. Run them across your gear, stack them up, or put one on a duty belt as a happy mag. Something for everyone, everywhere—the OPFOR MC-R.