Limitless Gear has a released their new OPFOR MC-R magazine carrier for the M-4 and AR rifles. Don’t let their functional looks fool you, these babies are something completely new.  The big news here is that they come equipped with a clever retention system that allows mounting in any orientation with positive locking while retaining instant deployability.

They also have an innovative locking system which makes them go on and come off quickly, and are stackable.  The MC-R Rapidly Scalable Equipment Ensemble (RSEE) is compatible with MOLLE or PALs systems. It will also fit some duty belts. If you need to move from belt to chest rig to belt, this is the carrier you want.

I was in the the Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat Course (SFAUC) when I first learned about the “happy mag.” The happy mag is your first, best, preferred reload. You put a fast magazine carrier where you can get to it easily. It should have some retention, but be the fast choice when you have the rest of your life to get another mag in an empty gun. When there is time, you backfill from hard-to-reach pouches. Theoretically, the happy mag reload is what you should practice the most.


The OPFOR MC-R is the happiest mag carrier I have ever seen. The Positive Magazine Retention System is solid as a rock—holding your mag in, but light as feather coming out. The secret? It locks into the magazine release slot in the magazine and releases with a slight rotation of the mag. Positive retention with no flaps or bungee cords!


Right handed or left handed, there are retention clips on both sides so you can reverse the mags at any time. If the magazine is reinserted, it locks right back in with one hand.

If that wasn’t enough, magazines can be carried inverted. Don’t try this with other systems! This locking system is as secure as the mag catch in your rifle, and that rides upside down all the time. If you reload beer-can style, this is the fastest reload ever.

The MC-R worked perfectly with the mil-spec metal mags and Magpuls I tried. It even worked with the Safariland AR-15 Magazine Doubler. It does not work with some high-capacity mags like the Surefire 60-round mag, however.

I got to meet Patrick McCrone and Darrell Stevens, the inventors of the MC-R, at SHOT Show. Patrick was an Air Force EOD tech and saw plenty of great gear come and go. Darrell is an Air Force vet and engineer. They worked together on the idea for a mag carrier that locked mags in place and built the first prototype from erector set parts. Later they graduated to 3d printed prototypes and perfected the design. This product is a model for rapid prototyping and product development in the 21st century. I expect to see more wonders from Patrick and Darrell at Limitless Gear.

OPFOR MC-R specifications:

  • Fast and secure attachment to 2×2 MOLLE/PALs surfaces with RSEE
  • Lidless positive magazine retention for AR-15/M4-compatible magazines
  • Attachment slots for stacking OPFORs
  • Confidently carry magazines in normal or inverted orientations
  • 100-percent made in the USA from U.S. materials
  • Made from high-strength polymer
  • Available in Coyote Brown
  • Weighs only 2.8 ounces

Get your Limitless Gear OPFOR MC-R here, at the everyday price of $34.95. They also have discounted three and six packs.  Patrick McCrone has offered a discount for our readers.  Use discount code “Loadout” at for 10% off all orders.

Made in the USA, these carriers are tough and have a highly innovative design. Run them across your gear, stack them up, or put one on a duty belt as a happy mag. Something for everyone, the OPFOR MC-R.