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Crimson Trace is known for its instinctively activated laser-aiming devices. As soon as you grip your firearm, the laser activates. And last year the company unveiled its new LiNQ light/laser system for AR-style rifles. Like its predecessors, the Crimson Trace LiNQ system has instinctive activation, but the big difference is that there are no wires or pressure pads to pose potential problems.

The Crimson Trace LiNQ system is composed of two major components: the replacement pistol grip and the light/laser module. Made from a black polymer material that is durable, waterproof and drop-tested per military requirements, the ergonomic grip has textured panels on each side and molded-in serrations on the front- and backstraps. Up front, just below the triggerguard area, is the activation button. The buttons on the sides of the grip allow users to switch between modes—laser and light, laser only, light only and laser/light strobing—along with a green sync indicator that will blink if the module’s battery needs to be replaced. Near the bottom of the left-side panel is the master on/off switch. The grip controls work off a factory-supplied CR2 battery.

The light/laser module features a hardcoat anodized aluminum alloy housing with a matte black finish. It’s about 2.5 inches long, 1.5 inches wide and 1.38 inches in height and adds only a few ounces of weight to the rifle. It has a built-in clamp-type mount, and the module is powered by a factory-supplied CR123 battery.

The 5mW laser produces a green dot approximately 0.5 inches in diameter at 50 feet. As green lasers are more intense than red lasers, it has a constant run time of 2 hours instead of the usual 4 hours for a red beam. The 300-lumen LED white light can be used in steady and strobing modes. At the back of the module is a rubber button to independently switch between modes.

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