Liong Mah just introduced the GSD into his line of high-end, Reate-produced knives. Most production knives are based on custom or mid-tech models. In the case of the GSD, Mah reversed the order to take the design to market in style.

Though a rare custom GSD exists, most will be familiar with the budget-friendly version recently discontinued by CRKT. “I got a lot of emails from customers who loved the CRKT version, but wanted to see a high-end GSD too. Once it was discontinued I thought, ‘Perfect timing.’”

Liong Mah Overhauls Budget Knife Design for New Mid-Tech

But, Mah didn’t just upgrade the CRKT version with better materials. He made many changes, including a new inline flipper design. Instead of a tab sticking out from the back of the frame, Mah used the same style of flipper seen on his SDC, where part of the pivot area is cut away to reveal an unobtrusive, square flipper tab. “I realized the way a flipper comes out changes the whole look of a knife,” Mah tells us. With the inline tab, the GSD really leans into Mah’s clean, fluid style.

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Photos courtesy of Knife News