We haven’t brought you a fresh knife review in a great long while, so I figured that if I came with a new blog post about a knife, it had better be something truly fantastic. That being said, I got around to picking up a knife that I have been cautiously eyeballing for no short amount of time. That being that the LionSteel TiSpine. Hope you enjoy our take on it.

Have you ever gone to a wedding and taken note of all those guys who are wearing suit and tie inappropriate sunglasses? Maybe you haven’t but I am the type who does notice such things. I have my kick around sunglasses and my kick around watch and neither are the type of thing that I would combine with a suit or tuxedo. I’m not suggesting that it is totally foul for you to wear your Oakley’s and G-Shock with a suit. Just one man’s opinion, but if you were truly going above and beyond the occasion, you shouldn’t combine these things. It’s just not.. gentlemanly.

So, if you have the sense to tuck in your shirt and to not wear sneakers dress pants, you can take that so much further, to its conclusion in fact. And the conclusion for a guy like me, is to also have a classy knife to carry on such occasions. Something with a lean sleek persona and a slim low profile pocket clip.

Of course, it has to also be capable of doing at least most of what the knife that you had to leave at home, in order to class yourself up a little bit, is capable of doing. I do realize that I just made things a bit more complicated, in sharing that last bit. But, this is how it has to be, and that is my opinion.

Well, thankfully someone who makes knives thinks in this same direction, at least in regards to what a classed up folding pocket knife ought to be. That individual happens to be Robert Young Pelton, and his vision of the modern gentleman’s folder was brought to life, and is now brought to you, by LionSteel.

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