By Rob Henderson

Over the last few years, I’ve used several different bags for every day carry; each with its own unique features, strengths and weaknesses. I’ve carried everything from sling packs, to messenger bags, to full three-day packs and I’ve learned a lot of great lessons in between.

Today, I’ll be discussing how my journey to find a lightweight bag that would blend into my surroundings led me to the Arc’teryx Blade 20 and why this bag won’t be replaced by another anytime soon. 

My Daily Requirements

Live By the Blade: Blending in with the Arc’teryx Blade 20 Pack

Many people are quick to think working at ITS involves a large amount of field operations and hot extracts. However, in reality, it’s very much an office setting and the daily requirements for things to carry consist of more office supplies than range gear. Though this isn’t to say that we don’t step out into the world for gear testing and location shooting from time to time.

Because of this environment, I find myself needing to carry what I’d call “office supplies, with a little extra.” When in doubt, I’m more likely to over-prepare than under-prepare and I like to have standard EDC items like a laptop, charger, pens and notepads alongside things like a trauma kit, change of socks and basic survival gear.

I’m a big believer in Leveling Up Your EDC, as we’ve talked about in the past on ITS. Each piece of my on-body EDC helps me during daily tasks and the items in my work bag offer a supplement to what I carry on my person. In addition, my bag offers me the tools I may need to get to another level of my EDC, like a vehicle bag or home bag.

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Photos courtesy of ITS Tactical