If you’re wanting an excellent grip for you AR, I’d have to point you to the LMT Ergo Grip.  I don’t think the standard AR grip was designed for comfort one bit.  In fact, it feels like they designed it for the exact opposite, huge calluses start to form on my middle finger joint over long periods of time when operating with it.  I recall a few times over seas where the last thing I wanted to do was pick up my M4 due to the raw skin exposed on my middle finger joints. Most of us decided to switch over to the adjustable and attachable rubber grips, but over time they would simply fall off, crack, etc.  That’s when I came across the LMT Ergo Rifle Grip.  As soon as I picked it up, it almost felt like it molded to my hand, like it was made to be in my hand.

A Few Pro’s

  • The skinny/slim grip allows the shooter to comfortably and aggressively pull the rifle into the shoulder.
  • The grip has ergonomically correct finger grooves, allowing a sustained comfortable hold/grasp on the weapon
  • Having an integrated rear upper extension supports the web of your hand, allowing you to have a higher center point (hand to bore), allowing you to really control recoil during raping fire.
  • Virtually impervious to oils and solvents!
  • Superior SUREGRIP texture improves weapon control, even while wearing gloves, a must for tactical shooters.

Another good perk to this hand guard is the price.

MSRP:$26.00 – $30.00

More info and sales at: http://ergogrips.net/products/rifle-grips