With ammo prices falling and panic-buying over it appears we can finally return to the joys of shooting.  Schools, training, and good-ol’-fashioned plinking are once again in our futures.  higher-volume shooting means higher-volume loading.  In the Army, we used stripper clips and the ever-sacred adapter that sometimes perfectly, and other times not, loaded ten rounds at a time so long as there was a good stable platform and plenty of force.  Those stripper-clips and loaders are fine if you’re in the military and have nothing else going on, but what do we do as civilians?  Mag-loading parties tend to have low turnout and so someone ends up with sore thumbs.  Caldwell may have a solution.

Expensive wooden plates have come about, but are neither cost-friendly nor storage friendly.  Caldwell Shooting Supplies appears to have created a solution with their Tac-30 Mag Charger.  Caldwell claims the potential to load all 30 rounds in ten seconds.  The system works well with 20-round boxes and includes a loading strip for the fancier ammo packaging for when ammo comes in plastic trays.

Though not advertised as such we found the Mag Charger does work with .300 BLK ammunition.  It does appear to be somewhat picky with magazines, but so are rifles so that’s not surprising.  The retail price of $40-50 is fair for the amount of development and features packed into this light-weight and range-friendly solution.  Whether or not you shoot enough to warrant it is totally up to you, but with good weather finally on the calendar you may want to consider grabbing one before the bum-rush begins.