You may have noticed we’ve been adding quite a bit of non-military-style gear reviews recently. This is not a mistake. We understand that those who are gun, knife, and survival junkies also like to camp, backpack, mountain bike, ski, and climb mountains just for the hell of it. We want to tailor our content to those gear needs as well.

In the coming months you will see an influx of products ranging from outdoor to military specialized gear. We do not want to forget our roots, but also want to expand on our content and meet the needs of our audience as well. This is still the Loadout Room—a place for the guys to hang out.

In the process of this evolution, you will see expansive reviews of stoves, sleeping bags, outerwear—including insulation, survival accessories, knives, guns and accessories, packs, load-carrying equipment, plate carriers, headlamps, and gloves. You name it, and we can and will review it.

It is not our intention to turn into some gimmick of a gear site or tailor our style to one type of individual. We want to keep the readers of The Loadout Room well informed. Our intention is to give you the best reviews possible and aid you in your next gear purchase, whether it be military or for general outdoor use.

By the end of January you will notice a slightly new look to The Loadout Room as we are expanding our menu and categories in hopes of making navigating the site a much more pleasant experience.

Coming soon you will see several new series introduced to the site. This month we will be debuting our “Made North” series, which will showcase products and manufacturing from the big and small of the U.S and Canada. January will also mark the beginning of our beer and liquor review series showcasing some of the best drinks available, as well as tales of alcohol-induced frenzies and mishaps.

Every Friday will be Reaper Tips. This will be a weekly marksmanship series covered by none other than Nicholas “The Reaper” Irving and Mark Miller.

By now you may have noticed that we have a few new contributors to the site, too. We have articles and reviews from Leo Jenkins and Marty Skovlund of Blackside Concepts and the Havok Journal. Wes Kennedy comes from a Canadian SOF background and is the founder of Elite Training Programs. Rolf Steiner is also new to our team and is a 24-year veteran of the New Zealand Defense Forces. We are excited to have these individuals as part of The Loadout Room, adding even greater experience to our review and writing staff.

Please tell us what you think, as we value your feedback and would love to hear of items you want reviewed. Post in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter, and we will do our best to fulfill your needs.