As you know there are a ton of choices out there when shopping for new EDC bags or to upgrade an existing bags you may already own. We have the advantage of testing and evaluating a lot of these bags, so we have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t. I asked a few of the Loadout Room writers to give me their top picks were for EDC bags and why they choose that bag over all the others available on the market.

Camelbak MULE

Loadout Room Approved EDC Bags

I have chosen the Camelbak MULE as an everyday carry pack for many reasons. Their quality of craftsmanship has been proven in both the civilian world as well as on the battlefield. The MULE is made from 1000D cordura material and has a capacity of 540 cubic inches. When I carry this pack for work, I tend to remove the 3 liter water reservoir that comes standard, because it takes up space if you completely fill up the water bladder. Once removed, this allows me to pack extra items such as folded clothes, a pair of shoes or even a 15” laptop computer. The outside pocket contains multiple organizers for EDC items such as pens, cell phones, radios, sunglasses or a small notebook. On the backside of the pack is a cushioned padding with ventilation panels to help reduce heat between the user’s back when being worn for long periods of time. There is also Molle webbing on the front of the lower pouch that is great for attaching carabiners, other molle pouches or even a first aid kit, plus all the pouches do have drainage grommets on the bottom so any water will leak out and not stay sitting at the bottom of the bag. When Camelbak started producing a Military line of products, I knew I couldn’t go wrong with a smaller EDC pack like the MULE. The Camelbak MULE has been my daily go to pack for many years because of its reliability and multiple configurations it offers.

Red Rock Transporter

Loadout Room Approved EDC Bags

So far my favorite day pack is the Red Rock Transporter.  Excellent compartmentalization and a snug fit against my back make this a joy to carry.

Vertx EDC Gamut

Loadout Room Approved EDC Bags

Vertx EDC Gamut – why my choice? This pack sets the standard for low visibility profiles and off-body concealed firearm carry with the ability to insert Level III ballistics plates to add even more mission objectives. The pack is just big enough that you can carry all your daily needs, like laptops, hydration bladders, and IFACs or Trauma Kits. The shoulder padding is ideal for long walks, can be used for Rucks or Long Range Surveillance activities and loaded with those mission essentials. The bag has held up for me now for over two years of international travel, a couple of Rucks, and has been substituted as a range bag. The possibilities are endless for a bag that can be fully loaded out while maintaining a non-military look.

Blue Force Gear Jedburgh

Loadout Room Approved EDC Bags

My EDC pack is the Blue Force Gear Jedburgh pack. I’ve had it for close to a year now and it’s been through a lot. It’s be with me hunting and camping, it went to Shot Show, to a fire out west, and it acts as my basic EDC bag. The dapper organization system is great. The different options for Dapper organization allows me to separate tools, hygiene gear, electronics from my normal packed goods. The Jedburgh is well made and comfortable for all day wear. It’s low profile, but versatile and unique. It’s a great day pack, and good for hikes, the beach, or concerts.

Patagonia black hole 25L

Loadout Room Approved EDC Bags

I have been using this 25 liter pack for school, climbing, and day hikes. It is constructed using the same durable water-repellent finish as the Patagonia duffel bags and my contents have stayed dry in some bad rainstorms. The main compartment features two interior sleeves, one large enough for a 15 inch laptop (I use it for my rite in the rain notebook) and a second sleeve that can fit an iPad Air. My favorite part of this bag is the stealthy pocket located on the front of the bag (this is a great location for a FN 45 or Glock 19). The outside bottle pockets are large enough for my Nalgene. When riding my bike with it I appreciate the back padding for not getting excessively damp and not snagging on brush, compared to an osprey pack which has a mesh back. The only down fall on this pack is the bottom. Patagonia should have used tougher material down here, as I put a lot of wear on the bottom when I slide down rocks. Overall, buy this bag if you like a good-looking, tough, “non-tactical” pack.

Vertx EDC Commuter Sling Pack

Loadout Room Approved EDC Bags

My bag is a Vertx EDC Commuter sling in black. I love my multicam and coyote as much as the next guy but blacks and greys blend in so much better. The single sling type strap allows for a surprisingly quick draw of a pistol. The commuter sling is the perfect size to fit in all the essentials and a few extra “nice to haves” and is extremely versatile. The best part is that is has pockets built into it for ballistic panels that turn the pack into a bullet proof shield when deployed.

These are our favorite packs for everyday carry. We’d like to hear what you carry and why. We’ll continue to release more ‘Loadout Room Approved’ articles in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more gear that we recommend.