It is my pleasure to be the new editor of the Loadout Room. My goal and the goal of the writers is to deliver content focused on everything firearm and gear related (getting back to our roots). We are looking forward to using our many combined years of military experience to bring you our perspective on firearms, firearm news, and all gear related to that.

We are refocusing on our core audience (guns and gear of the tactical world) and are going to do so in a hard core fashion. We are going live with a new series this week titled ‘Days of Guns’. The series this week is going to focus on the guns that the Loadout Room writers prefer to use and carry. Throughout the year we will run the series several times focusing on different aspects of firearms and gear. If you have any ideas for this new series let us know in the comments section.

We will also be highlighting each writer throughout the year giving you the reader a glimpse into our military backgrounds, experiences, and what we consider ourselves to be subject matter experts with.

We thank you for your support and look forward to serving you the reader with honest and accurate information.

(Featured image courtesy of Pipe Hitters Union Youtube Channel)