Father’s Day is right around the corner and if you’ve waited this long to choose a gift for the special man in your life, congratulations–you’re just like everybody else. We know it isn’t easy to get out there and find the right gift for dad, so we did the leg work for you. Here are some of the best Father’s Day options on the market for the dads in your life.

The Crate Club Wet Bar Kit for drinkin-dads

This kit from our partners at the Crate Club has everything you need to class up a night of heavy dad-drinking: a high quality whiskey glass, a pair of leather coasters, a Snake Eaters Union whiskey topper to keep the mosquitoes out of your booze, and the coolest part, bullet whiskey chillers that won’t water down your 18-year-old whiskey (or plastic bottle vodka, depending on how your dad likes to party).

This set is on sale now from the Crate Club for only $69.99

The High Speed Daddy Tactical Diaper Bag for the newbies

For the new dads on the block, this bag will not only alleviate the sore ego associated with carrying around the pink, flower-laden diaper bag your great aunt gifted your wife at the baby shower, it’ll also carry everything necessary to keep your kid safe, clean, and happy through even the craziest of family excursions. Nothing on this bag advertises itself as a “tactidad” piece of gear, in other words, it’s not about novelty, it’s about purpose. We’ve been putting one of these bags through its paces for a review that’s set to drop soon, but in the mean time, suffice to say that you can’t go wrong with ordering one of these for any new dads in your life.

12 Gauge Microphones for the musician-dads

These microphones are perfect for the dads among us that spend what little free time they have jamming out on their favorite instruments. You can’t beat the sound quality or the aesthetic you get from 12 Gauge Microphones and they have options for just about any serious musician’s budget.

Check out 12GaugeMicrophones.com to check out their options.

Hackett Shooting Glasses for the dads that like their guns

Fathers Day Gift Guide

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These modular shades let you swap lenses and padding to make sure you get the best possible performance for whatever you’re doing. Best of all, they won’t break the bank for you or for dad. At just under $25 from our partners at the Crate Club, this is a gift worth saving up your allowance for.

Get your dad a set of these shades from the Crate Club for $24.99

Crate Club Subscription: For the dads that have everything

A subscription to one of the Crate Club crates isn’t just one gift, it’s a gift that keeps on giving. Each month, dad will get new hand-picked gear delivered right to his door to make sure he’s prepared for whatever life can throw at him (and help him to have a good time along the way).

Check out the subscription options from the Crate Club here.


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