Everyone who owns a pair of Lowa boots will agree with me that they are one of the most durable and well-built boots on the market. I have been wearing my Lowa Elite Desert boots for two years now, and they have been through some serious beating. However, the sole and the boot itself are still very solid and keep my feet really stable.

I have quite a few friends who wore Lowa Elite Desert boots in Afghanistan and absolutely loved them. Even the British M.O.D. uses the Lowa Elite Desert boots as most of their soldiers have them issued for deployment.

The Lowa Elite Desert boot upper is made from split leather and fabric. The rubber toe cap protection is especially good and keeps the boot in a great shape during field maneuvers. The lining is breathable and made with quick-drying fabric. The midsole is made from polyurethane and provides excellent cushioning and support.

The outsole is sturdy and has a stable Vibram MVS sole unit. It provides impeccable performance in all temperatures and all types of terrain. Different lug patterns are specially designed for each outdoor activity – from day hikes and backpacking, to vertical rock and ice.

The author’s boots which he wears in the field

The Lowa Elite Desert boot also has a 5mm nylon stabilizer and a climate control footbed.

Although the price is high, around $330.00, the Lowa Elite Desert are worth the price and will last for a long time no matter what you do with them.

Here’s customer quote about the Lowa Elite Desert boots from the Lowa website:

“One of the best boots I’ve owned. true fit with a wide toebox. Stiff for trecking up big mountians with heavy ruck, but not uncomfortable. Tougher than anything an infantry deployment in Afganistan could do to it. Would be five stars with better laces (had to go with 550 cord)and if it came with a gore-tex liner. Standing in a sh^t ditch without gore-tex sucks. Make a goretex version and I will never wear another boot for anything. However the boots do dry quick. Taking them to Army Mountian Warfare School this summer, they should be fine.”(sic)