The LOWA Z-8S GTX was one of the many pair of boots I wanted to review. Thanks to them, I was able to review them today. Before going into details I have to admit that I have a thing for LOWA. I have been using the Elite Desert for a while now and they are still pretty solid. The price CLEARLY reflects the quality of the LOWA boots.

I took the Z-8S GTX out for a walk and did test them in the water too. I stood in a stream for 15 minutes with water over my ankle and my socks were kept dry. You could feel the coldness of the water but that’s about it. The Gore-Tex® lining is fully waterproof and high breathable. It didn’t take long before I could see them starting to dry.

I stayed in that position for 15 minutes. No water penetrated the boots.

They were also very solid while I was climbing steep slopes. The sole, made with rubber MONOWRAP®, had the grip I needed to climb easily and not slipping. The padded tongue and the closed hooks – made with zinc aluminum casting – keeps your feet in place tightly until you untie your laces. The leather is sturdy, hydrophobic suede leather and static water resistant. It also dries pretty fast and remains the same color.

The outsole is very solid and has enough grip to climb easily.

I also walked on uneven terrain to test the ankle support and I can say that they keep your ankle supported while offering enough flexibility to manoeuver. This is where I can see soldiers using them, most infantryman will walk for countless hours on different terrain. The Z-8S GTX will help them keep their ankles safe and solid.

Another picture of the LOWA Z-8S GTX in the stream.

As a ex light infantryman, the LOWA Z-8S GTX would’ve been my choice for long range patrols and bad weather operations. The boots also reacted really well in the sand making them a great choice for deployments in Afghanistan.


The price: $325.00. They are worth every penny and I HIGHLY recommend them!

Here’s two reviews available on the LOWA’s website.

I purchased the Z-8s gtx 3mos ago. I have not been disappointed. Fit and finish are both very good. I need a boot with width, so I ordered a 1/2 size up and the fit is perfect. As soon as they become available in brown, I’ll probably be ordering another pair.

These boots are excellent; grippy, great ankle& arch support, traction, foot stability, yet comfortable. Walked through snow fields and across ice covered trails hours, my feet stayed dry and warm. Solid product.