Solar lights aren’t something new. However, compact, affordable, waterproof, and inflatable solar lights are something new (to me anyway). Luci Solar Lights offer a simple product, with a huge variety of applications. Need a small reusable emergency light, then reach for the Luci EMRG. Want a lightweight camp light, then reach for the Luci Outdoor. Want to create a cool atmosphere at a party, then reach for the Luci Lux/color. You get the idea.

With prices ranging from $9.99-$24.99 there is a Luci Light for all budgets. Check out the video below to learn more about the: Luci EMRG, Luci Lux, and Luci Color.

There are two additional lights I didn’t cover in the above video: Luci Original, and Luci Outdoor. Both of which retail at $14.99. Weather you are preparing an emergency kit, go bag, or hosting a party, Luci Lights can help you out. Be creative while using these lights. One user explained that he takes the Luci Color hunting because the red option doesn’t attract as many bugs.

These lights can also be found on Amazon here.