If you are in the market for a new AR platform I would highly recommend taking a look at the LWRC M6 A2 SPR. I have spent a good amount of time behind one of these fine piston driven carbines and like all of LWRC’s products it is nothing less than top of the line.

The SPR or “Special Purpose Rifle” is unique in comparison to the rest of the LWRC line up. It is outfitted with LWRC’s enhanced fire control group. The fire control group, the bolt carrier and the bolt are all coated in LWRC’s proprietary nickel coating that promotes permanent lubricity and allows the operator to run the gun nearly dry when the situation requires it. This all adds up to a very dependable tool for the shooter.

In addition LWRC decided to lose their standard Mark II-B rail system on their SPR model. They instead outfitted it with a lightweight sculpted rail that is 33% longer and 5% lighter. The new rail system in my opinion is the nicest feature on the rifle. I am not particularly fond of the typical rail systems because of how bulky they tend to be. I like my rifles to be lean and lightweight, which is exactly what LWRC has accomplished with the rail. The SPR comes with easily mountable rail sections that can be added at the shooters discretion. It really is the perfect system in my opinion.

LWRC not only enhanced the rail but they opted to lighten up the rifle significantly by spiral fluting the Cold hammer forged barrel which sheds an additional 20% off of the total weight of the carbine. The combination of the two upgrades really does make the SPR a well-balanced tool for the operator or competition shooter.

Throughout my initial testing of the SPR I have fired just fewer than 800 rounds of XM 193. So far I’ve experienced no malfunctions and have effectively engaged targets out to 300 yards with minimal effort. The barrel is cut to desirable 1/7”RH twist which will allow it to handle a wide range of projectile weights. I plan on doing a formal accuracy test in the near future utilizing heavier match ammo and I expect the rifle to perform well. I will keep you all informed of the results and I’ll write an additional article on the accuracy results in the near future.

Semper Fi
Dennis DeChant