I’ve never had any problems loading magazines for my selection of AR-15 rifles. However I have friends who either from war or some other means suffer from physical disabilities which can make loading magazines a pain. I also have range buddies well seasoned in years who struggle at times with loading magazines and need assistance. And finally there’s the military and law enforcement ranges where massive quantities of ammunition need to be loaded at any given time. All of the above could benefit from a simple and easy to use magazine loader. Maglula steps up the plate with a truly robust and simple product.

The Maglula Range BenchLoader is a lightweight UV stabilized polymer constructed, steel magazine catch reinforced loader designed with many needs in mind. It works with STANAG, PMAG, EMAG, H&K metal 416, SA80SureFire 60 & 100 rd, Beretta AR 70-90Lancer, Hexmags and most other magazines that work with the AR-15 platform. 5.56 rounds are placed along the loading ramp until you hit the 30 mark and then with a simple pull (stabilized by six rubber feet) the rounds are painlessly loaded into the magazine in little over a second. My start to finish loading time for a PMAG utilizing the Maglula Range BenchLoader is approximately 24-26 seconds, that is screaming fast compared to loading them by hand which usually takes me about 58-63 seconds.

Maglula BenchLoader | Cut magazine loading time in half

What truly sets it apart is how pain-free (literally) your hands will be after loading up magazines. Little pressure is required to feed the rounds into magazines utilizing the Maglula Range BenchLoader. This makes loading magazines for those with physical limitations far simpler than doing it by hand. For my guys working ranges and loading magazines, this product is a game changer. Gone are the days of sore fingers with blisters. A full combat loadout of 7 magazines can be loaded in little under 4 minutes. I would like to point out that it will not work with blanks. I’ve not had trouble with other rounds (tracers, etc).

I’ve used the Maglula Range BenchLoader in temperatures ranging from 15 degrees F to 80 degrees F with no changes in performance or noticed wear after loading approximately 80 magazines. The BenchLoader has not been affected by any type of gun cleaner that has gotten on it inadvertently as well. Another great thing is how easy it is to load mags in freezing temperatures utilizing the BenchLoader due to the simplistic task of aligning the rounds. Prior to loading the rounds into the magazine, it was nice to be able to take a quick look at the rounds to inspect for any type of obvious visual defects prior to loading. The catch holing the magazine in place is made from 54HRC hardened steel and has shown no wear in my time using it. I’ve tested every type of magazine I could find for the AR-15 and had no problems with any. At no point did the Maglula Range BenchLoader cause any type of noticeable wear or stress on the magazines feed lips.

In short, this product causes no wear on magazines. What it does do is cut magazine loading time in half, make it painless, safer (inspection of rounds), simple and reliable. I cannot recommend this product enough. In my time using it I’ve come to appreciate it as one of the many essential pieces of range gear that I have. If you have some type of physical barrier, depending on what it is, this product can make your life remarkably easier. This thing is built to last and I have no problem recommending it with my highest of endorsements.