Loading magazines can be the biggest pain in the ass when it comes to shooting especially with my AR9. I really love my AR9. It’s cheap to shoot, I can take it to any indoor range, and it’s perfect for training new shooters who need something more than a 22 LR, but less than a full sized rifle. It’s easy to suppress and just a fun gun. Does it have some downsides? Sure, mostly the magazines. Don’t get me wrong, they are reliable, hold 32 rounds, and look cool. Where they suck is where it comes to loading them. The edges are sharp and painful to thumb loading rounds gets really hard after the first 20. The Lula Loaders change all of that.


Lula Loaders – Colt SMG and AR 15

I currently have two of the Lula Loaders and plan to purchase at least one more for my CZ Scorpion. These little loaders have made my life a whole lot better and a lot easier when it comes to range days.

Maglula Lula Loaders Review - Load Like a King

Mechanically the AR 15 and Colt SMG  Lula Loaders are basically the same. They are of course scaled to different sizes to accommodate different magazines. The Lula Loaders will attach to the magazine in the same area where the magazine catch grabs. They stay in place no matter what, until you simply pop the lid and release them. Push the lever back, which will press the follower downwards. Insert a round and pull the lever forward. Rinse recycle and repeat. Simple, easy, and zen.

Maglula Lula Loaders Review - Load Like a King
Snaps on the Magazine

During my Maglula Lula Loader review, I never had a problem attaching the loaders to any magazine. With the AR 15 Lula Loader I used is on GI Mags, Lancer mags, PMags, and 2nd Amendment magazines. With the Colt SMG Lula loader, it worked on both steel and polymer variants of the magazine.


I got Tough Fingers!

So if you are calling me a pansy as you load your Colt SMG with mags with your forehead without complaint there are other benefits to the Maglula Lula Loaders. First and foremost it’s going to make loading magazines faster. The faster you load magazines the faster you can get back to shooting.

Maglula Lula Loaders Review - Load Like a King

It’s also going to help prolong the life of your magazines and their feed lips. When you load magazines normally you are putting pressure on the feed lips. With the Maglula Lula loaders the lever pushes the follower down and there is no pressure on the actual magazine feed lips.

Maglula Lula Loaders Review - Load Like a King

Last Words

The Lula Loader is stupid simple to use, and is a compact, range bag ready option. They are lightweight and can easily be tossed in a cargo pocket for a day at the range. It’s a perfect gift for the shooter in your life. With ranges charging by the hour don’t waste your time loading magazine like a peasant and load like a king. Check em out here, http://www.maglula.com/


Side Note As of this writing (April 2017) Maglula is reporting that lots of Chinese fakes are popping up on Amazon and Ebay. They offer some advice on their website in determining fake and real Mag loaders.