We’re making the barrel smoke today testing the Magneto Speed Riflekühl barrel cooler. I’m Pumping rounds through the FAL getting the barrel hot enough for testing. After firing at least 40 rounds through the barrel it began to get hot and produce smoke. I locked the bolt back and inserted the Riflekühl barrel cooler into the chamber. I switched the fan on and it began to pull air into the hot tube cooling it faster than just sitting idle after shooting.

In the Army, as a machine gunner, I carried extra barrels to switch out when the barrel of my M249 or M240 got hot. As a hobbyist shooter or marksman competition shooter accuracy and reliability are affected when the barrel starts to get hot. This new device can be inserted into the chamber to cool down the barrel increasing accuracy and it works as a chamber flag when the range is cold.

Kelin Ray is a Corrections Officer in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest specializing in man tracking and is a member of the Inmate Recovery Team. He is a former Field Artilleryman in the Washington Army National Guard and served in Iraq as a gunner for convoy security operations. In his free you can find him Tactical Live Action Role Playing with his friends as Batman.